Wednesday, October 03, 2007

A Crow pic(k)

Quality control is hardly a mantra in the comic book biz, there's always bin more shit ones than good ones, and often I've scratched my head, staring bewildered at a comic, wondering how some editor could've okayed such a lame duck in the first place. And what's worse, is knowing about all the REALLY GOOD stuff that never gets to see the light of day.
Take it from me; most editors wouldn't know a good idea if it was a ten-ton truck crashing thru their donut-strewn office, with; I'M A GOOD IDEA written on it's side in giant day-glo letters. Even if the truck was driven by Jehovah with a sworn affidavit to the fact.

But sometimes it's just bad luck; the cool editor who wants to do your cool comic, gets sacked, or drops dead, or moves to Marvel, or they put you 'on hold' or replace you with a 'bigger name', or the company goes bust.

That's what happened(and ALL of the above, for that matter)with KITCHEN SINK in the 90's, just as Jamie Delano and mesen were ready to sign on the dotted line, they went down the plughole.
So you never got to read one of the best comic book series that Jamie never wrote; which was also the best Crow comic you never read. Binning the punk rock vigilante vs. gangster thing, for a period set weird western, full of hellish visions, catholic guilt and gothic decay, all draped under a luxuriously thick shroud of blood and terror. Real shame, especially since Todd McFarlane ended up with the franchise, and we all know what a stand-up guy he is, right?

Anyway, other than Jamie's crackin synopsis, all that was done was one drawing, pencilled by me, and inked by me old mate, Mark Buckingham(who was gonna ink the whole 4-issues). Found the art tuther day, thought it was worth sharing...

And if you didn't already know, Jamie is still 'out there', raging against the machine, read his words at; but have a coupla stiff drinks first.

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