Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Beware the Moon!

The Curse of the Werewolf has so much going for it: Terence Fisher's moody and evocative camerawork; a clever twist on lycanthrope lore; a great cast - including Warren Mitchell, Hira Talfrey, Michael Ripper(as an 'old soak'), the luscious Yvonne Romain - and a stand-out turn from Oliver Reed, as the doomed and tortured Leon.
But, obviously, to a wee nipper clinging to his Grannies leg, it was the terrifying sight of the WEREWOLF that made the most impact - scared the poo outta me!
The makeup was a triumph, and that was down to the brilliance of Roy Ashton - he was the fella who filled your childhood bedtime with dread and horror - and i for one, can't thank him enough.
Greasepaint and Gore: The Hammer Monsters of Roy Ashton , tells you everything you need to know about the man and his groundbreaking, iconic work.

In tribute to his greatness and to one of my favourite Hammer movies: here's another werewolf pic(not that i need an excuse to draw another werewolf).


paulhd said...

That's a fantastic piece of art, even better than John Bolton's adaptation of Curse.
Uh, I'll go back to lurking now:)

shane oakley said...

ullo, paul. considering how much i rate john bolton - his old pre-digital stuff, anyway - that's high praise. thanx for the nice words. drop in agen when you're not lurking.
cheers, shane.