Thursday, November 05, 2009

Festering on Facebook

Over in some dark and dank corner of Facebook you will find Shane Oakley's Phantasmagoric House of Horror; a fan page monster-minded by friendly freak-fiend Brad 'Indio' Tuttle.

You don't get membership cards, secret decoder skull rings or 8x10 glossies of me asleep at the drawing board, but you can share your enthusiasm with the like-minded and see a few 'exclusive' pics of old and new art, like the one above(which was exclusive 5 days ago).

And though I'm honoured and chuffed, I'm not actually on Facebook(and i don't 'twit'). This blog and e-mails take enough of my spare time, and i really do like to keep a little bit of me all for myself.

Sign up, thank Indio, drive carefully and say nice things.

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