Friday, November 27, 2009

The Killer Smile

Most of 2008 i was working for BOOM! drawing the walking dead and many tentacled slithering Lovecraftian things.

Sadly, both Zombie Tales and Cthulhu Tales were cancelled(not my fault!)but a new 4-issue horror anthology arose from the ashes. I was invited to do a full set of variant covers, but only found the time for two since i was due to start on Channel Evil.

Not that all the deadline panic was necessary, since the comic never came out, and according to my 'source' at BOOM!, it's highly unlikely it's turning up next year either.

So, just in case i get run over by a No:7 bus, or aliens invade, or the world ends early to piss off the Mayans, i thought i should let one lurch out of the vault.

A Monster-mutant clown with a hook, what's not to love?


Dark Wizard said...

lookin SO fresh, dude. Love your use of negative shapes

How'd you land those gigs? sounds like a dream come true.

Bob Fingerman said...

Love it! That is killer.

paulhd said...

Beautiful work. Love the guady colours contrasting your usual sharp lines and rich blacks.
Shame the comics don't seem to be forthcoming.

Mark Buckingham said...

Looks great Shane!
My fear of clowns just tripled with this single image!!!
Inspired coloring!

Gary Crutchley said...

Tis a shame that it won't be published. I would have been over the moon to have my little tale under that lov-er-ly cover.

Sean Covernton said...

You certainly do seem to work on the awesome projects. I hope more lurch out of the vault!

Billy George said...

Very nice!

Dark Wizard said...

hey shane!

thanks so much for the link. you rule.
do you got an e-mail I can hit you up on?
I tried clicking on the link but, can't seem to get anywhere.

my email is:

keep bustin skulls and slittin throats!

shane oakley said...

scott - negative shapes are what i live for.

i got me all those gigs cus mark waid is a fan, plus i work cheap!

bob - cheers!

paul - thankyou, sir. the original colors were far more subdued, but it didn't leap out enuff for me.
certainly wasn't a cover that needed the gentle touch.

bucky - thanks, mate. if my art helps deepen a phobia, i know i'm doing something right.

gary - i'm sure your twisted yarn will see the blood-stained light of day.

sean - there's many ungodly horrors ready to lurch...

billy - thanx.

scott - i'll be in touch.