Saturday, November 21, 2009

Pencil and Inks from Channel Evil #2


Gary Crutchley said...

Inks so sharp, they can slit your eyeballs.
Lookin' forward to seeing this, Shane

Dark Wizard said...

Man this looks so dope, man.

Love how clean your ink work is. The negative shapes in your work are super awesome. Keep busting skulls and slittin throats.

Lookin forward to seein more,
- Scott

Rob Davis said...

Yep. Great stuff Shane. What are you inking with? because these inks are so sharp you could cut yerself.

jon haward said...

great use of white and black and your style is really great ,always enjoy checking out your blog :-)

shane oakley said...

gary - that's my quote sorted for the back of the trade.

scott - kind words, thankyou.
i'll keep bustin and slittin, better on the page than on the streets!
...and you do a fair share of awesome yourself.

rob - 0.1 pilot(cus ZIG don't take the hammering)PITT S and M(naughty!)and a very steady hand!

jon - thanx, glad you've bin dropping by.
know your work from waaaaaaaay back, our man paul h birch used to send me photocopies. always impressed by your solid drawing skills and attention to detail.

Alexander Finbow said...

Inks are looking truly magnificent Shane as expected. We've just done interviews with Matt Badham with universal praise for you artwork in Channel Evil. Should in the Judge Dredd Megazine in January.

I'm really looking forward to seeing your artwork for this issue, it's my favourite script of the four.

shane oakley said...

alexander - hello, good sir! a BIG thankyou - i have me a great editor AND a loyal fan!
a rare combination indeed.

inks moving along at a good pace, send you more soon.
hope you're safe and warm up in those mountains.